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Mobile Power Generators

We field a variety of generators to meet power requirements for temporary food services, shelter operations, lighting, facility support vehicles and other emergency response need and services. Our mobile field generators have been built to provide dependable temporary power and withstand tough environments, like disaster response and recovery missions, construction and remodeling sites, sporting venues, etc.

Powered by a heavy duty, 4-cycle, direct injection, turbocharged, charge air-cooled diesel engines, our line of kVA generators provide maximum reliability, low-noise operation, and precise voltage control for superior motor starting capability.  We have several common power ranges depending on your need – 70 kVA, 180 kVA, and 300 kVA. Our 30 and 70 kw (kilowatt) generators have been designed to specifically to supply power of in remote locations and compact camps.

Our smaller 100 Amp VP30 generator provides power in 120/240 voltages, while our larger 300 Amp VP80 generator provides 200 Amps to its electric distribution panel in 208/120 voltages.   Each generator’s electric distribution panel has numerous U.S. standard 120-volt outlets, as well as two 50-Amp and two 30-Amp high voltage outlets.

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