RK EMS - Mobile Assets

RK Emergency Management Support has recently invested in a new fleet of mobile response and recovery assets, providing an expanded capability to feed and shelter thousands of responders and displaced residents each day.

Mobile Kitchen Interior

Mobile Kitchens

57' Mobile Industrial Kitchen
Our 57-foot mobile kitchen is an industrial scale asset capable of preparing and serving 10,000 meals every 3 hours. It has been custom-designed for the diverse needs of varied deployment missions, and contains all the cooking and production, cold storage, food preparation and sanitation equipment onboard. Nicknamed ‘The Beast,’ it rapidly delivers full industrial kitchen capabilities virtually anywhere, supporting up to 20,000 response professionals and displaced people per day.

Download Spec Sheet [57']

53' Strategic Mobile Kitchen
Our 53-foot mobile kitchen trailers are also industrial scale assets that have been custom designed for the diverse needs of varied deployment missions. Very similar to the 57’ kitchen, except with six ovens aboard instead of eight, it contains all the cooking and production, cold storage, food preparation and sanitation equipment on board to sustain large basecamps, commercial kitchen remodels, and large-scale events.

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44' Mobile Industrial Kitchen
Our 44-foot mobile kitchen is a strategic mobile kitchen custom-designed for the diverse needs of varied deployment missions, containing industrial-scale equipment for food cooking production, preparation, and cold storage. The vehicle’s production equipment includes numerous ovens, a six-burner range, griddle, char-broiler, fryers, tilting skillet and pan steamer onboard.

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44' Mobile Kitchen Trailer
Our 44-foot mobile kitchen trailer is a strategic mobile kitchen, custom-designed to provide the diverse needs of varied deployment missions and events. The trailer features industrial-scale equipment for food cooking production, preparation, and cold storage. The vehicle's production equipment includes numerous grills, a 6-burner stove, a fryer and tilting skillet onboard. With its comprehensive range of equipment, our mobile kitchen trailer is the perfect solution for anyone looking to prepare and serve high-quality food in any location, no matter how challenging.

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40' Sea Container Kitchen
Our 40’ container kitchen provides a compact event or remodeling solution with high throughput capability, and contains an array of industrial culinary equipment, walk-in refrigeration, prep and service equipment onboard. It features one convection and two standard ovens, a flattop griddle, char-broiler, deep fryer, sandwich cooler, andservice windows. The container kitchen provides the functionality and volume capability of several standard food trucks, and is best deployed or positioned for multi-day assignments and missions.

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Ansul Skid System
Our Ansul Skid System is the perfect solution for optimizing kitchen equipment whilemaximizing valuable space and minimizing installation and production downtime. Designedand fabricated in a controlled environment, our skids are built with the highest qualitymaterials and can be tailored to fit specific locations, taking up minimal floor space on yoursite. Additionally, our skids feature an advanced fire suppression system, ensuring that yourworksite is always safe and protected.

Download Spec Sheet [ANSUL]

PAC Kitchen Container
Our PAC kitchen provides a compact event or remodeling solution with high throughput capability, along with a special ability to custom configure the industrial culinary equipment onboard beneath the ventilation system that runs the length of the container. This flexibility allows for optimized efficiency, and permits the system to be configured standard with a variety of food production assets, or reconfigured to enhance capability for a particular type of food service production equipment.

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Mobile Food Service Support

Mobile Dishwasher Interior

32' Dishwashing Trailer
Our 32-foot dishwashing trailer is an industrial scale asset capable of cleaning 10-14K dishes per hour. It features a new, efficient and reliable Hobart FT 1000 Flight Type dish machine, which only utilizes a low final rinse rate of 58 gal/hr. Nicknamed ‘Clean Machine,’ the trailer features a 100 gal hot water heater, stainless worktables and Ecolab chemical dispensers to ensure unencumbered production and optimal sanitation support for our industrial mobile kitchens.

20' Dishwashing Trailer
Our 20' dishwashing container provides a compact event solution with high throughput and capacity, utilizing a new efficient EC-44 dish machine that can clean 244 racks per hour.

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Food Storage
RK Emergency Management Support can make sure any and all sites have the necessary food storage available, through a variety of mobile solutions:

  • Mobile Conex Units
  • Refer Trucks & Trailers
  • Dry storage containers
  • Temporary storage structures

Food Prep
Food preparation can be done on site in our mobile kitchen or remotely at one of our commissaries and transported to the site for finishing, when feasible. With the resources of many large kitchens we can handle any needs, whether it's large or small.

MObile Showers

Mobile Showers Interior

28' Mobile Shower Trailer
Our shower trailer features eight private suites each with a changing area and shower.  Powered by tank-less water heaters, the trailer has configuration flexibility for optimized male/female utilization to support varied field missions, and features non-wood seamless wall, floor, and ceiling construction that optimizes cleanliness while minimizing mold and mildew. It features:

  • An On-Demand Water Heater: 90% Efficiency Rated, Tank-less Heaters
  • Stainless Sinks: Fit into solid-surface counters
  • Dry storage containers
  • 100% Led Light Package: Provides a bright, attractive environment & conserves energy

20’ Mobile Shower Trailers
Our 20’ shower trailers feature 6 private suites individually accessed on both sides of the trailer, each with a deadbolt -locked changing area containing benches, mirrors and clothing wall hooks.

The vehicle features a lower towing weight (11,500 pounds), internal hose connections for easy wash-down, external fresh tank connection, 90% efficient tank-less water heaters, and external cord and hose storage areas.  Vehicle specifications include:

  • Quick Deploy Steps
  • Over Armor roof skin: puncture proof, and impervious to damage from the sun, rain, snow & ice
  • Aluminum & Composite Structure: will not warp, rot, or degrade over time
  • Powder coated aluminum & solid color PVC Interior trim
Download Spec Sheet [20' & 28']

19' ADA-Compliant Mobile Showers
Our 19’ ADA Shower/Restroom Combo +1 Trailer combines a wheelchair accessible restroom and shower combo unit with one standard private unisex facility. The Trailer provides a private and safe environment with abundant space for maneuverability and all the accessibility features individuals with special needs require, as well as AC/Heat, heated running water, advanced flushing toilets, and luxurious interiors and amenities.

MObile Bathrooms

Mobile Fleet Parked

14', 20', & 25' Mobile Relief Stations
Our luxury restroom trailers provide a rich warm environment that offers responders and evacuees a few basic home comforts in the field environment. Ten stations and four sinks that can be configured to provide five separate facilities with double sinks for men and women, and 14-foot trailers feature four stations and two sinks that can also be split for male and female users. They feature quartz counters, custom wall treatments and vessel sinks for users, while employing the manufacturing and materials designed to maintain high hygiene standards and lower maintenance requirements for operators. 

These vehicles offer guests a relaxing and pleasant portable sanitation environment and deliver a calm peaceful respite in even the most challenging field environments, featuring:

  • Hands-free, efficient flush toilets
  • LED Lights inside and out
  • Solid surface countertops
  • Long lasting transit grade flooring
  • Quick set-up steps
  • Most odor-free waste tank configuration on the market

Restroom Specs
The vehicle structure features aluminum framing, composite sub-layers, and seamless outer layers to provide durability and prevent moisture, and a thick polyethylene tank to reduce odors. All exterior metal is powder coated for a long-lasting finish.

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Mobile Fleet Close-Up

Laundry Services

Our 28’ Mobile Laundry Trailer supports multi-day events and basecamp operations with on-site fluff and fold laundry services, utilizing nine separate onboard washers and dryers.  Supported by multiple tankless water heaters, the trailer’s equipment delivers advanced wash cycle and temperature control options, and numerous dry options, alongside a laundry sink and on-board drying racks to facilitate laundry services rapidly and professionally, virtually anywhere.

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Water Rig

Mobile Power Generators

We field a variety of generators to meet power requirements for temporary food services, shelter operations, lighting, facility support vehicles and other emergency response need and services. Our mobile field generators have been built to provide dependable temporary power and withstand tough environments, like disaster response and recovery missions, construction and remodeling sites, sporting venues, etc.

Powered by a heavy duty, 4-cycle, direct injection, turbocharged, charge air-cooled diesel engines, our line of kVA generators provide maximum reliability, low-noise operation, and precise voltage control for superior motor starting capability.  We have several common power ranges depending on your need – 70 kVA, 180 kVA, and 300 kVA. Our 30 and 70 kw (kilowatt) generators have been designed to specifically to supply power of in remote locations and compact camps.

Our smaller 100 Amp VP30 generator provides power in 120/240 voltages, while our larger 300 Amp VP80 generator provides 200 Amps to its electric distribution panel in 208/120 voltages.   Each generator’s electric distribution panel has numerous U.S. standard 120-volt outlets, as well as two 50-Amp and two 30-Amp high voltage outlets.

Water Rig

Vacuum Pump

The vehicle’s twin-compartment lite weight aluminum tank allows for both fresh and wastewater to be stored during operation, enhancing efficiency and convenience. Internal baffles help keep the fluids from sloshing around, making it easier for drivers to maneuver and stop quickly. Each truck comes with a 1/8” aluminum work area and cabinets that maintain a clean, polished appearance at all times.

Recreational Vehicle

Recreational Vehicle (RV)

With a sleeping capacity of seven, our recreation vehicle fleet provides flexible, efficient and accommodating billeting solutions with desired amenities and luxuries for those operating in field environments. Sleeping accommodations are provided in two separate bedrooms as well as a convertible sleeper sofa in the main cabin, and include a queen bed with innerspring mattress in the first bedroom and a double bunk atop the double bed in the rear bedroom.

More Information

We've got a whole website dedicated to all the details of our mobile fleet! Visit the site, and check out our virtual tour, and image galleries.

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