RK Emergency Management Support


RK Emergency Management Support (RKEMS) mobilizes turnkey emergency response and recovery support services that feed, shelter and sustain communities in need and the professionals who assist them. We specialize in temporary food services, temporary structures and basecamp support services including utilities, climate control and hygiene facilities that aid response operations and community recovery following natural disasters, critical infrastructure disruptions and other emergency events.

RKEMS has the ability to rapidly establish a self-supporting community in proximity to, or at the base of a disaster or emergency, and mobilize a fleet of industrial-scale assets to support the basecamp. In times of need, we’re here to deliver and manage these and other activities:

Mobile Kitchen Interior


RKEMS has extensive experience delivering high quality meal services in field environments and under adverse conditions, with high-volume capabilities and for extended duration. In the last five years, our team has prepared and served more than 3.5 million meals and nearly two million snacks in support of emergency basecamps and missions all over the U.S. and Caribbean. We have a wide variety of custom-designed assets like new mobile kitchens with onboard refrigeration and high-volume dishwashing trailers, as well as expertise deploying and operating temporary cafeterias, mess halls, field kitchens and more.

Mobile Kitchens

RKEMS’ new industrial mobile kitchens have the capacity feed a small army of displaced residents and recovery personnel hot meals every few hours. Featuring commercial equipment and onboard refrigeration, our mobile kitchens are custom designed to service disaster relief and recovery operations in field environments.

The 57' mobile can prepare and serve up to 10,000 meals every three hours, and our 53’, 48’ and 44’ mobile commercial kitchen trailers deliver similar industrial-scale capability for high-volume meal services, as do our 40’ kitchen containers. We also have high-volume dishwashing trailers and containers that can each clean thousands of dishes per hour. All of our commercial kitchens, dishwashers and other mobile assets can be hooked up to municipal utilities for power and water when available or we can provide utility services as needed.

Field Kitchens & Equipment

RKEMS has a large inventory of in-house food service equipment and is able to design a custom field food service operation based on the unique needs of each deployment. Whether the solution includes our mobile kitchens with full industrial kitchen capabilities and cold storage onboard, a smaller and more tailored trailer for a specific need, or a super high-volume temporary kitchen structure with mobile gas, H&C water, and power, RKEMS can tailor and deliver whatever is required and desired for the operation and appropriate for the mission.  We can also provide large decks of convection ovens, hot food holding cabinets, 40-gallon skillets, fryers, stoves, food holding, and mobile refrigeration solutions, and much more.

Temporary Structure Construction

TEmporary Structures

Providing nationwide delivery and turnkey service, RKEMS is also a provider for temporary to semi-permanent structure solutions, able to quickly assemble and operate flexible, scalable shelters in field environments, and possessing an extensive inventory of all popular structure and tenting varieties. Temporary structures are scalable to many sizes and footprints and appropriate for temporary or semi-permanent use. Our team has extensive emergency, commercial, industrial and event experience with structures and tenting and can support a variety of requirements.

Response & Recovery Applications

Our team has decades of experience and expertise delivering, assembling and operating large temporary structures utilized for these and other basecamp applications:

  • Temporary Cafeterias/DFAC & Field Kitchens
  • Temporary Housing/Billeting Solutions
  • Operations & Communications Structures
  • Education & MWR Facilities
  • Medical Care & Counseling Facilities
  • Temporary Warehouses & Distribution
  • Vehicle Maintenance & Temporary Hangars

In the last five years, our team has deployed and rapidly assembled more than 1.3 million sq. ft. of temporary structures in support of emergency basecamps and missions all over the U.S. and Caribbean. We deliver, install and furnish temporary structures, which can be built with footprint flexibility on the site. We can address any initial site improvements and implement structure and tenting solutions rapidly, while providing the supporting services that keep them operational and comfortable, such as flooring, HVAC, lighting and electrical, furniture and waste management.


Structure tents are engineered structures featuring modular scalability and an assembled box beam (or I-beam) framework that supports the fabric roof, providing a more robust construction that makes them suitable for longer-term applications. Structure tents can be anchored using stakes, water ballasts or gravity blocks, and when staked, structure tents can handle wind loading up to 65 knots (75 mph). Structure tent lengths are modular in ~3m/10’ increments and can be built to virtually any length in both small profile (<15m wide) and large profile (>15m wide) footprints depending on available space.

The framing of structural tents makes them strong and also provides a clear span beneath the tent with no poles or obstacles, making them very flexible for so many basecamp applications. Strong and durable and customizable in width, length and height, structure tents can be built to virtually any size to suit emergency management needs or objectives, as small as 10’x10’ to larger than 132’ x 300’. We can deliver structure solutions to and beyond a 164’ (50m) width, which can scale to long lengths where location footprints allow.

Tent Configuration Examples:

Structure Tent Dimensions, Small Profile

Width Length
10' scalable in 10’ increments, beyond ~600’
20' scalable in 10’ increments, beyond ~600’
30' scalable in 10’ increments, beyond ~600’
40' scalable in 10’ increments, beyond ~600’

Leg Length Options: 8’ & 10’ (wall height)
Peak Height: 17’ or 19’ (at ridge)

Structure Tent Dimensions, Large Profile

Width Length
15m (~50') scalable in ~5m (16') increments, beyond 300m
20m (~66') scalable in ~5m (16') increments, beyond 300m
25m (~82') scalable in ~5m (16') increments, beyond 300m
30m (~98') scalable in ~5m (16') increments, beyond 300m
35m (~116') scalable in ~5m (16') increments, beyond 300m
40m (~132') scalable in ~5m (16') increments, beyond 300m
50m (~164') scalable in ~5m (16') increments, beyond 300m
60m (~197') scalable in ~5m (16') increments, beyond 300m

Leg Lengths: 8’, 10’, and 13’ (wall height)
Peak Height: 17’, 19’, or 22’ (at ridge)

About Us

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Our team has extensive commercial, industrial and event experience, and can support a variety of temporary structure requirements. We also have vast inventory of all popular structure and tenting varieties, offering:

  • Turnkey Solutions - Deliver, Install & Furnish
  • Footprint Flexibility | Nationwide Service | Duration Discounts

Basecamp Support

RK Emergency Management Support (RKEMS) is a collaborative partner with frontline responders and prime contractors for rapidly deployed basecamps, as well as the varied support services needed at these facilities to maintain operations, comfort, hygiene and health. We mobilize much more than commercial culinary assets and tenting solutions, and have a variety of mobile hygiene assets, support vehicles, utility solutions, equipment and supplies available including:

  • Mobile Restrooms trailers
  • Mobile Shower trailers
  • ADA-Compliant Restrooms & Shower Combo trailers
  • Mobile Laundry trailers
  • Potable Water & Ice Generation trailers
  • Wastewater Management vehicles
  • Power Generators/Distribution, HVAC & Lighting
  • Basecamp Furniture & Supplies
Mobile Fleet

RKEMS has a fleet of new mobile relief stations and mobile showers in several different configurations, including ADA-compliant options, each providing superior quality and privacy. We are also here with solutions for camp and tent power, lighting and climate control, as well as lifestyle amenities such as fluff & fold laundry services for bedding, towels, clothing or other items.  Our mobile basecamp support assets can be deployed to areas without available power or hooked up to available utilities in the area for cost efficiency; we can also address all fresh, wastewater and waste management needs.

Mobile Kitchen Equipment


Food Service Equipment

An extensive inventory of food service cooking, serving and cleaning equipment is available for any need, and includes among other items:

  • Convection Ovens
  • Stoves
  • Tilt Skillets (40 gal.)
  • Hot food holding cabinets
  • Beverage Cambros & Chafers
  • Steam tables
  • Deep fryers
  • Cold food serving tables
  • Salad bars
  • Grills and Flat-top griddles
  • Chefs cooking stations
  • Reach-in coolers
  • Reach-in freezers
  • Dishwashing trailers
  • Sinks with water heaters &hardware
  • Field Kitchens
  • Food Storage
  • Food Prep equipment

Furniture & Supplies

An extensive inventory of folding andnon-folding tables and chairs, furniture, temporary fencing and service andshelter supplies are also in house and available for rental or purchase.

  • Cots, bedding & linens
  • Office Furniture & Supplies
  • Folding Tables: 72”, 66”, 60”, 48” & 36” round & 4’, 6’ & 8’ longs
  • Folding Chairs: Samsonite folding & resin folding
  • Temporary Fencing & barricades
  • Shelter supplies – hygiene, sanitation, janitorial
Fleet Transportation

Logistics & Transportation

RKEMS stands ready to support diverse operational needs with the food and facilities to sustain communities until life returns to normal. Additionally, our logistics and transportation capabilities are designed to complement and ensure delivery of these and all other services. We employ experienced teams to facilitate all transportation needs to, from and within facilities when providing emergency response and recovery support services. Rest assured that our seasoned fleet management professionals are ready to coordinate logistics and support needs with precision, so that responders can address the critical tasks at hand.

Our transportation services can support bussing personnel and distribution services in addition to delivering reliable, integrated logistics management that supports RKEMS’ food, structure, equipment and other service offerings. Our dedicated fleet services include end-to-end transportation management to support operations, including:

  • Temperature-Controlled/ Cold-Chain Deliveries
  • Rapid tenting, equipment & furniture deliveries
  • Asset delivery for agencies & prime contractors
  • Personnel bussing  & coaches with CDL operators
  • Distribution & warehousing of foodstuffs, equipment & supplies