RK Emergency Management Support has recently invested in a new fleet of mobile response and recovery assets, providing an expanded capability to feed and shelter thousands of responders and displaced residents each day.

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57' Mobile Industrial Kitchen
Our 57-foot mobile kitchen is an industrial scale asset capable of preparing and serving 10,000 meals every 3 hours. It has been custom-designed for the diverse needs of varied deployment missions, and contains all the cooking and production, cold storage, food preparation and sanitation equipment onboard. Nicknamed ‘The Beast,’ it rapidly delivers full industrial kitchen capabilities virtually anywhere, supporting up to 20,000 response professionals and displaced people per day.

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44' Mobile Industrial Kitchen
Our 44-foot mobile kitchen is a strategic mobile kitchen custom-designed for the diverse needs of varied deployment missions, containing industrial-scale equipment for food cooking production, preparation, and cold storage. The vehicle’s production equipment includes numerous ovens, a six-burner range, griddle, char-broiler, fryers, tilting skillet and pan steamer onboard.

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We've got a whole website dedicated to all the details of our mobile fleet! Visit the site, and check out our virtual tour, and image galleries.

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