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RK Emergency Management Support provides emergency management support services to communities struggling to cope and recover from unexpected natural disasters, civil disruptions and other contingency events. We support the response and recovery phases of disaster and incident management, primarily providing emergency and contingency assistance with Temporary Food Services, Shelter Operations, and Basecamp Support Utilities and Services.

RK Emergency Management Support is a woman-owned business closely affiliated with The RK Group, an integrated family of event service companies, and is capable of leveraging its extensive assets, expertise and personnel. The RK Group, an industry-leading culinary and hospitality service company that has grown over the past 70 years to produce thousands of diverse events annually and employ 800+ based in five metro areas, possesses deep expertise with culinary, event production and hospitality services.

We are an established turnkey solution provider for, among other services:

  • Industrial Mobile Kitchens
  • Field Food Service Facilities
  • Temporary Billeting & Operations Structures
  • Equipment, Furniture & Supplies
  • Camp & Facility Hygiene Needs
  • Transportation & Logistics Services
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RKEMS and its affiliated companies are fully equipped and experienced with providing emergency food and dining service, temporary living facilities and utilities should a disruptive event occur within the contiguous United States.  We have both the proven history and professional expertise required to respond successfully during challenging times and under adverse conditions.  

Our most recent experience in contingency event field food services, performed in 2016-2017, required the assembly of nearly 225,000 sq. ft. of temporary structures for residential shelter and facility services at a single remote site, where our culinary service teams served more than 920,000 meals and 433,000 snacks over the course of a 162 day mission.  

The service capabilities that underlie The RK Group’s production of more than 4,000 events annually have been successfully deployed following natural disasters and corporate contingency events for more than a decade, addressing the temporary sustenance, shelter, and hygiene needs of impacted communities and response and recovery professionals.

RK Emergency Management Support builds upon The RK Group’s experience providing services to, among others:

  • A temporary residential shelter care for family groups, providing food services & other related support services
  • Prior experience with Texas’ DOT contract work providing aide to the State’s Emergency Response Services team
  • A FEMA sub-contractor to support food & shelter at 13 Eastern Seaboard states

Closely affiliated with an industry-leading hospitality and culinary service management company specializing in conventions and large events with thousands of attendees, we can scale to any challenge, and have experience with deployment and operation of on-location temporary food services and temporary structures, and the supporting needs for these facilities.  So, our expertise in facilitating on-location food services at cafeterias, mess halls, mobile kitchens and other facilities is derived from catering at thousands of events per year, and leveraging experience managing major events with thousands of attendees and events lasting more than a month in duration.

RKEMS primarily aids government agencies, their primary contractors and corporate partners, and has capability to respond rapidly to support operations throughout the continental United States. Our services are orchestrated by experienced and dedicated managers and supported by a robust logistics and transportation capability, to optimally serve federal, state and municipal agencies and other partners, such as:
• FEMA, DHS, CNCS, HHS, DOD, DOE, SERT, EMS, CORE, CERT, among others.

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Our mission is to rapidly field and operate provisional life support facilities that sustain relocated and displaced persons, as well as those responding to and facilitating recovery following natural disasters and civil disruptions. All disasters are local, but not every locality is prepared when disaster strikes, so we serve those in need and those in service, typically working in partnership with government operators, prime contractors, non-profits and corporate enterprises to keep them going, keep them sheltered, and keep them fueled during these critical operations.

RK Emergency Management Support employs a multi-disciplinary incident management team ready to support emergency services for:

  • Hurricane & tornado response and recovery
  • Flood, Fire & Earthquake response and recovery
  • Industrial Contingency response and recovery
  • Hazardous Material Spill response and recovery
  • Pandemic response and recovery
  • Mass Terror response and recovery

In these times of need, RKEMS delivers and manages field food service operations; tenting solutions for billeting, meals and responder operations; furniture and equipment provisioning; utilities and camp facility support services; as well as transportation and logistics services supporting emergency response and recovery operations.

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Jennifer K. Heinz

 Owner / General Manager
Jennifer K Heinz is a 3rd generation leader of the highly-successful family business, and industry-leading hospitality and culinary service management company that manages more than 4,000 events per year across the nation, employs more than 800 passionate individuals, and operates hundreds of thousands of sq. ft. of kitchen and commissary facilities.
Heinz is adept at managing comprehensive event production, design management, catering and destination management services. Since completing her BA in International Business at Southern Methodist University with a focus on Latin America, Heinz has applied her passion for helping others, initially with the Susan G. Komen Foundation before joining The RK Group.

Ken Holtzinger

Sr. VP, Operations
The RK Group
Mr. Holtzinger possesses more than 30 years of culinary and management experience, and a reputation for orchestrating exact and flawless events of all styles and sizes as an executive with The RK Group.  Ken began his career as a Sous Chef with The RK Group in 1991 and is now a member of its leadership team and is responsible for the company’s growth and success and its subsidiary companies and partnerships. He leads culinary operations across multiple cities, budgeting and forecasting, new business development and overall daily operations of the company.

Laurie Ontjes

VP of Designations
The RK Group
Ms. Ontjes brings over 27 years of special event, emergency response and disaster readiness experience to her current role, as well as expertise with social, private, and corporate events ranging in size from 10 to 45,000 guests.  Starting her career with the RK Group as General Manager of Illusions Tents, Rental & Event Design in 2002, her responsibilities include expanding the company's market presentation in all business sectors and operations across multiple cities, budgeting and forecasting, new business development, and overall daily operations of the company.
Prior to joining The RK Group, Ontjes was a member of a temporary utility provider with a diverse emergency response protocol, providing experience with numerous hurricanes and refinery turnarounds.

Travis Kowalski

Director, Operations
The RK Group
Mr. Kowalski brings over 15 years of experience in the event industry, joined The RK Group in 2009, and is responsible for directing and coordinating integrated large scale events and operations across the United States, as well as tenting and equipment sales, operations and logistical support in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and Houston.

Peter Conner

Sr. Advisor,
Mr. Conner is a subject matter expert in the areas of cyber, CBRNE, DHS SAFETY Act and chemical facility anti-terrorism standards (CFATS) and support for disaster response. Mr. Conner serves as CEO at Integritas LLC, Principal at The Spectrum Group, as a Program Manager for TBAC, the Texas Bio and Agro Defense Consortium, and as a Sr. Advisor at the Center for Terrorism Law.

Mr. Conner delivers expertise in a variety of defense, intelligence, security and health disciplines with a focus on corporate development and strategic planning. He specializes in helping client organizational or trade community management design and implement strategic planning through analysis, innovation, strategy development and on-site management. His business experience includes helping clients in the defense, intelligence, cyber, homeland security, bio-science and health markets meet their objectives. Additionally, he has extensive experience with multiple secure communications, information technology, cyber security and advanced concepts, and bio-containment laboratories. He holds a MA in Government and Business from The George Washington University.