History & Mission

RK Emergency Management Support

Providing Emergency and Contingency Assistance with Temporary Food Service & Shelter Operations

RK Emergency Management Support is a woman-owned business that provides emergency response support services to communities struggling to cope and recover from unexpected natural disasters and other contingency operations.

We primarily support the response and recovery phases of disaster and incident management, providing emergency and contingency assistance with Temporary Food Services, Shelter Operations & Related Support Services.

Our Emergency Food Service and Shelter Operations Support Services deliver dedicated management and enhanced logistics capability for operations in the Continental United States, aiding federal, state and municipal government agencies and primary contractors, such as:


During response operations, or the immediate reaction to the occurrence of a catastrophic disaster or humanitarian
crisis, we facilitate rapid deployment, of resources including personnel, equipment, and supplies. Operations utilize the Incident Command System in an all-hazards approach, while implementing appropriate measures for life, property, and environmental safety.

During Recovery operations, targeting efforts to bring the affected area back to some degree of normalcy after the threat to human life has subsided, we facilitate coordination and management of a variety of support services while activities are undertaken to restore critical community functions and stabilization efforts.


Our mission is to rapidly field and operate provisional life support facilities that sustain relocated and displaced persons, as well as those responding to and facilitating recovery following natural disasters and civil disruptions.

All disasters are local, but not every locality is prepared when disaster strikes, so we serve those in need and those in service, typically working in partnership with government operators, prime contractors, non-profits and corporate enterprises to keep them going, keep them sheltered, and keep them fueled during during these critical operations.

RK Emergency Management Support employs a multi-disciplinary incident management team ready to support emergency services for: