Technical Specifications

RK Emergency Management Support

Mobile Kitchen

10,000 meals prepared and ready in 3 hours!

RK EMS has a large inventory of in house equipment and is able to design a custom field kitchen based on the needs of the deployment. Whether it is a fully functional Kitchen Trailer with full kitchen capabilities and cold storage on board, a smaller and more tailored trailer for a specific need, or a super high volume Temporary Kitchen Structure with mobile gas, water (H & C) and power, RK SMS can deliver whatever is needed for the specific operation. We can provide large decks of Convection ovens, hot food holding cabinets, 40 gallon skillets, fryers, stoves, food holding, and mobile refrigeration, and much more.

Developed specifically to service disaster relief and large event gatherings when not employed in its primary mission, our new, custom designed industrial mobile kitchen has the capability to feed a small army of displaced persons, responders and recovery personnel every few hours.

Food Storage

RK Emergency Management Support can make sure any and all sites have the necessary food storage available:

Are all available from RK EMS. Our production and serving teams keep daily logs on all hot and cold food storage to make sure the food we are serving is always at the correct serving temperature and always safe.

Food Prep
Food Prep can be done on site in our mobile kitchen or remotely at one of our commissaries and transported to the site for finishing. With the resources of many large kitchens we can handle any needs, whether it's large or small.

Field Food Services

Food service equipment
An extensive inventory of food service cooking, serving and cleaning equipment is in house and available for any need. Some of our inventory includes:

RK Emergency Management Support has Dishwashing Trailers that can be a turnkey solution to any need. They can be deployed to areas without available water or power, or hooked up to utilities in the city for any need as well.

Temporary Field-Based Food Services

Ranging from the smallest tent of 10’x10’, our structures are modular in 16’ increments.

The accommodating 132’x 300’ tent is ideal for:

However, larger tents with a 216’ width and longer lengths are also available where location footprints allow.

Emergency Medical Shelters & Clinic Structures

Modular, flexible and joinable tenting solutions as small as 10’x10’ to larger than 132’ x 300’ can also be configured to facilitate:

Temporary Equipment & Furniture

Emergency Transportation Services

We employ experienced deployment teams to facilitate all transportation needs to, from and within facilities when providing emergency response support services. We’re an integrated partner for supporting temporary shelters, full food services and logistic management, providing:

Facility Services

RK can mobilize the lavatory, shower and laundry facilities to help maintain health and hygiene during response and recovery. They can be deployed to areas without available power, or hooked up to utilities in the area of need, if available. We also have the capability to provide for the power, lighting, HVAC, water and sanitation needs of our temporary structures, field food services or associated facility services.