Quality Management System

RK Emergency Management Support

Ensuring the Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan

RK Emergency Management Support employs a systematic approach to eliminating errors and a measure of quality that strives for virtual perfection in a continuous process improvement network. We have implemented a variety of techniques and tools for continuous process improvement including disciplined and data-driven approaches and methodology dedicated toward maintaining outstanding food and service quality.

Over decades of work in the private sector facilitating deployed on-site food and event services, we have developed an expertise at continuously identifying and removing defective products and minimizing variability in employee process when implementing industry best practices. These efforts have permitted us to achieve stable and predictable results that have garnered a reputation for impeccable food service quality while feeding millions of meals per year at thousands of diverse events and locations, as well as all of the supporting service aspects, deployed equipment and logistics.

We handle all the related details for properly storing, receiving, and inventorying food, inspecting incoming shipments for damage, contamination, and infestation; ensure perpetual inventory levels and proper receipt, storage and issuance of goods that are critical to maintaining quality and controlling costs.

Our teams ensure the Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) for the day-to-day operation of facilities, the delivery of food and social services, and all the management and quality control actions required to meet the terms of the contract. Our Quality Control Plan (QCP) employs a comprehensive program of inspections and monitoring actions to ensure the highest food quality, safety, custody and security.

We also have experience working with a Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR) to inspect and accept services provided, and ensure high performance standards identified in the Performance Requirements Summary (PRS)