Emergency Response Guarantee

RK Emergency Management Support

Emergency Management Guarantee

Our teams are ready to quickly respond when activated, with regional deployment and staging of relief and recovery assets before full-scale (level 1) activation of all primary and support agencies supporting a State’s Emergency Operations Center.

Our services are delivered and accomplished in a manner sensitive to the complex needs of the relevant populations, with sensitivity to the emotional, cultural, linguistic and other aspects regarding their situation.

Our food service facilities and equipment meet established government health and safety codes, and our personnel are experts at ensuring professionalism while preparing, delivering and serving hot and cold meals, as well as ensuring custody and security for food service operations. We ensure that all food safety provisions (sanitation, safe handling, dispensing, storage) are adhered to for general populations, can customize to the special diets and prepare ceremonial meals for residents whose religious beliefs require the adherence to religious dietary laws, or to therapeutic medical diets as prescribed by appropriate clinicians.